• Use of sound in writing. Boy jumping into lake. Enrich Your Writing with Sound

    To be an effective writer, one must be a student of their craft.  And sometimes lessons come unexpectedly.  Recently I enjoyed a paint night in our hometown. These are entertaining events hosted by an artist that leads attendees through creating a basic painting.  I had already started one of a lonely, round hay bale laying […]

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  • Interview with Lyrical Press

    A recent Lyrical Press interview with David McCaleb: Q:  How did you get started as an author? What inspired you? A:  I had a first chapter written for a while, but never developed it. Red was being interviewed/interrogated by detective Carter, after Red had killed a couple muggers in self-defense. I had re-written, edited, and polished […]

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  • Sayings from Dad What Sayings Did Your Father Teach You?

    Recently while writing, one of my Dad’s sayings flew from the lips of one of my characters.  It made me think back to the many others I learned from that great man.  Let us know any from yours that you hold fondly… or otherwise.  Comment links are below. Here’s a list of my father’s most memorable sayings.  All […]

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  • How I Landed a Three-Book Deal

    I am often asked how I wrote my first novel and persevered through print.  In truth, it was like raising children - I question whether I would’ve consented to the matter had I fully understood the journey ahead.  But such endeavors don’t throw every lesson upon our shoulders at once.  So it was with writing. I [...] Continue Reading
  • Editors Deserve Our Respect

    “If there exists any manner for your writing to be misunderstood, that is the path your reader will assume.” Every reader possesses an inner narcissist, some more active than others, who projects their own bias onto any ill-defined scenario.  As a fiction author, this concept is doubly worthy of consideration.  Which is one reason a […]

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