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Humor pertinent to the Eastern Shore of Virginia and Maryland

  • New York City humor article New Yorkers, Big Apple Camouflage

    The family and I had been wanting to see the Statue of Liberty for a while, so we recently hopped on a train and spent the weekend in the Big Apple. It was an enlightening adventure, New York style, a city so diverse it makes Tangier Island look ordinary. We rode the Amtrak into Penn […]

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  • Bureaucrats and Speeding Tickets humor article Bureaucrats and Speeding Tickets

    Many times I’ve gripped the steering wheel of my idling car on a summer weekend, trying to make a left turn onto Rt 13, odd-colored license plates from out-of-state drivers flashing by at Mach 2, horn beeping behind me from an impatient motorist wanting their turn at bat, wondering why I don’t risk my life […]

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  • Daytime TV humor article Daytime Television

    Today I shed IQ points fast as a black lab getting rid of a winter coat – not that I had many to spare. There they were, lying on the floor of the doctor’s office waiting room, begging for mercy, melting away like the Wicked Witch of the West after Dorothy doused her in water. […]

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  • Goths, Hookers, and Busch Gardens Goths, Hookers, and Busch Gardens

    People from the city are funny. I mean funny in the most sincere, honest, condescending manner my shallow heart can muster. I think it’s the toxic air, or maybe the heat from all the concrete. I was reminded of this recently while taking our kids on the yearly pilgrimage to Busch Gardens. Busch Gardens is […]

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