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Vestmen's Gale
Vestmen's Gale


⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ “Full of twists and turns, always on the edge”

– Goodreads Reviewer

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ “David McCaleb has raised the bar with a novel filled with history and suspense.”

– Fran Lewis of

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Vestmen's Gale

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National bestselling author David McCaleb delivers a thriller like none other, opening our eyes to a veiled realm, ever-present. “It’s a modern hero’s adventure in an old world,” says the author. “One with rash Vikings, an ornery sister, and zealous demons. But like most good fiction, the real tale is revealed within the threads of truth woven throughout.”

Vestmen’s Gale is a story of sacrifice, redemption, and purpose.

A World Not His Own…
Michael is called back in time by the spirit of his dead sister to the age when Vikings ventured to North America. He finds himself in the body of a Norseman and a member of a raiding party tasked with rescuing their chieftain’s kidnapped daughter. He soon discovers a chilling link between her and his own world. In his journey back to the present, will he discover the purpose of his calling?

A World Torn Apart…
Kiona, the daughter of a powerful Mi’kmaq shaman, struggles against her deceitful mother whose actions threaten the peace between her tribe, their Abenaki neighbors, and the newly arrived Vikings. Will she choose to remain loyal to her people, or instead to help Michael free his Viking sister?

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From the Author

“This is my best work yet. It is intensely personal because my daughter and I crafted the plot together. The characters ran around in my mind until they shook its bars and demanded to be let out. I’m glad I did. In fact, the urge was so strong this story was the only one I could’ve written.

“This book takes place in a new world, with new characters, and in a new genre. If I had to classify it, it’d be historical paranormal thriller. To all my faithful readers, Vestmen’s Gale packs the same action as my prior works. Take it from one Goodreads reviewer who said, “Wow…never thought this would be my thing, but it got me hooked from the first page.” You won’t be disappointed. For those looking for more than just an enjoyable tale, neither will you. If inquisitive enough, a story much deeper than the words on the page will be revealed. Enjoy!”

– David McCaleb