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National Bestseller!

“Red Harmon is a character here to stay. This fast-paced, high-stakes ride will take the reader into the world of covert operations and the minds of the men and women who make it happen. A must-read thriller for fans of the genre..”
– Andrews and Wilson, Co-authors of the Bestselling TIER ONE series

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Third in the national bestselling RED OPS series

Nonstop from the Rocky Mountains to Jerusalem and the West Bank!

An assault on America begins with an attack on Red Harmon and his family…

Trained to endure extreme danger and survive impossible odds, elite military operator Red Harmon has battled our nation’s enemies for years. While in the Rocky Mountains for R&R, Red’s family is violently attacked by an international squad of assassins. No ordinary wet-team, this group is only the vanguard of a power play threatening national security.

Danger is everywhere . . .

Red and his young daughter escape a brutal firefight, but are separated from his wife. Evading though the woodlands, stripped of his unit’s support, Red puts his survival skills to the test all the way from Pikes Peak National Forest to Israel’s West Bank. He must defend his country, protect his family, and identify the unthinkable forces that are willing to slaughter anyone in their path.

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