• Pruned Branch Parenting: The Winter of Self

    I can kill most anything green.  Intentions are great manure.  Whoever coined the phrase, “It’s the thought that counts,” most certainly was a lousy gardener. I live on the Eastern Shore of Virginia, where mild winters and balmy summers allow me to grow a vibrant carpet of dandelions.  I love those perfect yellow flowers with their meaty […]

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  • How I Landed a Three-Book Deal

    I am often asked how I wrote my first novel and persevered through print.  In truth, it was like raising children - I question whether I would’ve consented to the matter had I fully understood the journey ahead.  But such endeavors don’t throw every lesson upon our shoulders at once.  So it was with writing. I [...] Continue Reading
  • Editors Deserve Our Respect

    “If there exists any manner for your writing to be misunderstood, that is the path your reader will assume.” Every reader possesses an inner narcissist, some more active than others, who projects their own bias onto any ill-defined scenario.  As a fiction author, this concept is doubly worthy of consideration.  Which is one reason a […]

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  • Science Fair Two Words Every Parent Dreads

    Two words wither parents’ hearts like none other.  No, I don’t mean prom night.  That event’s agony is short-lived.  The term of which I speak heaps weeks of unbearable dread onto our shoulders.  That’s right, science fair. Winter is thawing, daffodil stems part soft earth, and ankles push past hems of trousers we bought our kids […]

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  • An American Creed An American Creed

    Decades ago, I and my classmates at USAFA were required to memorize a quote that continues to inspire me as often as I read it.  We recited it frequently, stiff at attention, back to wall, sweat dripping from cheeks, as screaming upperclassmen threatened and blew droplets of spittle in our face, their nose to ours.  In […]

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