• Do Cats Always Land On Their Feet The Rest of the Story

    This Science Fair post (below) has received more traffic through the years than any other.  For unknown reasons, it gets a horde of attention from Australia.  Those mates must enjoy cat humor.  But there’s more to the tale and, as the late radio host Paul Harvey would’ve say, I thought you might enjoy, “The rest of the story.” […]

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  • Sayings from Dad What Sayings Did Your Father Teach You?

    Recently while writing, one of my Dad’s sayings flew from the lips of one of my characters.  It made me think back to the many others I learned from that great man.  Let us know any from yours that you hold fondly… or otherwise.  Comment links are below. Here’s a list of my father’s most memorable sayings.  All […]

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  • Manitou Incline: An Exercise in Argyle An Exercise in Argyle

    I almost died today.  Several times. I had recently landed at the airport in Colorado Springs.  Only able to take a week’s vacation, I joined my family who had already been there for a while.  As we drove away from the terminal, my daughter tapped a finger on her tablet, pointing to a photo where […]

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  • Pruned Branch Parenting: The Winter of Self

    I can kill most anything green.  Intentions are great manure.  Whoever coined the phrase, “It’s the thought that counts,” most certainly was a lousy gardener. I live on the Eastern Shore of Virginia, where mild winters and balmy summers allow me to grow a vibrant carpet of dandelions.  I love those perfect yellow flowers with their meaty […]

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  • How I Landed a Three-Book Deal

    I am often asked how I wrote my first novel and persevered through print.  In truth, it was like raising children - I question whether I would’ve consented to the matter had I fully understood the journey ahead.  But such endeavors don’t throw every lesson upon our shoulders at once.  So it was with writing. I [...] Continue Reading