I was born and raised on the Eastern Shore of Virginia, one of the last rural green belts of the East Coast.  Growing up on a farm, I studied the teachings of nature and enjoyed hunting and fishing. From a young age my parents encouraged creativity while instilling a strong work ethic in myself and my two sisters. All three of us credit them for our artistic successes.

But I lived at least five lives before I began writing. My experience is broad and background diverse, enabling me to convey an uncommon depth to my characters. I graduated from the United States Air Force Academy and hold an MBA. I have been a successful entrepreneur, business owner, marketer, military officer, salesman, financial analyst, drapery installer, and bullet manufacturer. Failed ventures are too many to list.

But my greatest achievement is that of being a proud father and husband. Both duties are super-hard, painfully humbling, and often thankless, but the perks are enduring and give meaning to my very life.


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