I am a thriller author, humorist, entrepreneur, business owner, veteran, USAFA grad, proud husband and father, and something else I can’t remember right now.  My past is proof God knows how to laugh.  It includes a stint in bullet manufacturing, patenting an environmentally safe oil-changing system for cars, Air Force officer, and insurance agent.  I have started, built, and sold businesses.  Though I enjoy drawing, painting, and the work of hands, my chosen tool is the pen.

Creativity brings color to an otherwise monochromatic life.  Part nature, part nurture, it exists simply to be enjoyed.  My father taught it through handiwork, how to fix anything – the national debt – with needle nose pliers and wire. My mother, the very composition of beauty and grace, continuously encouraged creativity in myself and two sisters. I am immensely proud of them both, each prominent today in their own art, even world-renowned. Take a look at Growth Chart Art and New Ravenna Mosaics to view their work.

And somehow it didn’t stop with us.  Aunts, uncles, nephews, nieces, I’d love to tell you about each one.  But know that all have the spark of creativity.  Painters, sketch artists, sculptures, theater – it’s there.

We’re all a part of each other.  I thought it important any reader curious enough to click an About page understand this about me.  Like my sisters’ paints or mosaics, we’re mixed and blended.  Within me are stripes of them, sometimes wide, other times the finest of lines.  And traces make their way into my writing.

As do many of you…

Thank you for your interest in my work.  If you’d like to know more, check out my Bio, The Real Me, or browse Q & A.


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    • David McCaleb

      William, thanks for reaching out! Specifically regarding the RED OPS series, I do not have a timeline for a new sequel…yet. If you are a military thriller fan, might I suggest trying Vestmen’s Gale? Fans of the RED OPS series tend to like it, though it would NOT normally hit their radar due to the difference in genre. It contains the same action and adventure, and some pretty gruesome fight scenes, though with different weapons. Thanks again for reaching out. All the best!

  • Ginny Jaques

    Thanks for your Twitter follow. Your life looks interesting. I’m a sweet little grandmother of 8 kids, but I like thrillers, so I’ll keep an eye out on your books.

    I’m the author of ONE book, part Sci Fi, part fantasy, part soft thriller, with murder, mayhem and a touch of romance tossed in. It’s a book with an intense Christian message designed to appeal to secular readers. I’d like to be in your network. The book is indie-published so I’m doggedly promoting.

    All the best.


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