Vestmen’s Gale | Book Release

Vestmen’s Gale, my latest thriller since the RED OPS series, was made available March 30th, 2021. I am proud of this novel in many ways. It is my best work yet. It carries the same action and suspense of my earlier books, but packs it into a “historical fiction paranormal thriller”. It follows Michael as he is suddenly drawn back in time by the spirit of his dead sister to the age when Vikings ventured to North America. He finds himself in the body of a Norseman and a member of a raiding party tasked with rescuing their chieftain’s kidnapped daughter. He soon discovers a chilling link between her and his own world. In his journey back to the present, he battles warring natives, shapeshifting demons, and the insecurities of his past.

This story has been asking to come out of my head for years. It needed to be written. It all began years ago when I helped with my daughter’s creative writing class in high school. We sketched out the general plot and a few characters and I was hooked. It’s a modern hero’s adventure in an old world. One with rash Vikings, an ornery dead sister, and zealous demons. But like most good fiction, the real tale is revealed within the threads of truth woven throughout. Enjoy!