Breaking Down the New Coffee Trend: Cold Brew Coffee

Today’s post by Sally Phillips at LittleCoffeePlace.

When you wake in the morning, do you reach for a cup of Joe? Sometimes, it feels like life begins after coffee – especially when you can count your sleep hours on one hand. If this is you, you’ve probably heard about the new coffee trend that is enticing coffee lovers like yourself – the cold brew. So, what is cold brew and why the interest?

What is Cold Brew?

Cold brew is coffee made by introducing grounds to cold or room temperature water. These grounds are brewed for about 12 to 24 hours depending on recipe and desired taste.

Why Cold Brew over Hot Coffee?

In laymen’s terms, it’s simply coffee brewed with cold water – but why has the cold brew coffee craze taken the country by storm?

  • Caffeine: Cold brewing produces a higher caffeine concentration due to longer brewing time and a higher than normal coffee-to-water ratio. On average, cold brew contains about 45 percent more caffeine than the normal hot brewed coffee. This is a great boost for any coffee lover in the morning and can lead to better concentration and getting more work done.
  • Taste: Cold brew tastes different from hot brewed  and iced coffee. The use of cold water changes the chemistry of the coffee creating a different flavor. The bitter compounds in the coffee grounds are not extracted at the lower temperatures of cold brew. Therefore, cold brew coffee tastes sweeter and less acidic. This may be good for people that drink coffee specifically for the caffeine boost rather than the taste.
  • Time to Enjoy: A major complaint about hot coffee the need to drink it right away. If hot coffee sits for a long period of time, it sours. However, this does not occur with cold brewed coffee which can retain its taste for hours.

The decision to switch to cold brewed coffee is yours and depends on how you enjoy your java. If you drink for a wake-me-up, the cold brew option may be a perfect fit.

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